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?מה זה אומר הנר
The Official HaNer USY Dictionary!

HaNer: "The Light" in Hebrew, and the name of our region!

Ruach: Singing, dancing, and SPIRIT on Shabbat!

Slow-ach: The slow songs we sing as Shabbat ends and we start a new week!

DMC: Deep Meaningful Conversation!

USY: United Synagogue Youth!

USYer: Anyone who participates in a USY event!

Pilg: Short for pilgrimage, USY's trip to Israel!

Shab: Short for Shabbaton, Shabbat or Shabbos!

Tisch: "Table" in Yiddish, refers to sitting around a table eating snacks and singing Jewish songs!

JK: Jason Kay, our amazing Regional advisor!

Tikkun Olam: The USY tzedakah fund for “repairing the world”; money raised to be allocated to the Conservative movement, charities chosen by the region and scholarships for USY summer programs. All fundraising efforts are done by USYers alone.

USY on Wheels: A six-and-a-half week tour of the United States! An amazing experience!

USY on Wheels East: This program is an East Coast tour by bus, stopping at all your favorite places such as Washington D.C, the Kennedy Space Center, Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame, Virginia Beach and more!

Noam: the Youth organization of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel (USY/Kadima in Israel).

SA/TO (Social Action/Tikkun Olam): Community Service and fundraising efforts for USY Tzedakah organizations. 

Shacharit: The morning prayer service.

Maariv: The evening prayer service.

Mincha: The afternoon service.

Benching: (See Birkat Hamazon) The act of saying the prayers recited after meals.

Birkat Hamazon: The prayer said after meals (See Benching)

Chapter: Each synagogue that sponsors USY or Kadima is known as a chapter. Each region is made up of a group of chapters in a given geographic area.

Chofesh: The Hebrew word for free time. At a convention, Chofesh is a time to have fun with friends, catch up on old times, or just sleep!

“USY changed my life in every possible way. It introduced me to the closest group of friends I can ever hope to have.  It showed me a new perspective on my role in impacting the world through social action. It provided me with the opportunity to see the country and the world in a way I could never have imagined. And above all, it taught me about my place in the Jewish and greater global community, and it helped me forge a powerful Jewish identity which will only grow stronger with time.” 

Joshua Block (International USY President 2010, NERUSY Mem/Kad VP 2008-9, Brown University)



Come from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine,
Down south there is Rhode Island,
She sure adds to our fame!
We’re known throughout the nation as the
region with the zest,
We’re New England region,
the region that is best!

Zev’s little region has ruach, ruach,

Zev’s little region has lots of fun.

Zev’s little region has spirit, spirit,

Zev’s little region is number one!

We sing all day, we sing all night,

Zev’s little region is out of sight.

This is our region, she is grand,

This is our region, New England!

Hey NERUSY (HaNer) —
How do you feel?
We feel good, oh we feel so good,
All right all right all right all right
Awesome awesome awesome!

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