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  • What is HaNer USY?
    HaNer USY is the bestiest and zestiest region of United Synagogue Youth. 🍋 HaNer USY was established in 2019 and has continued to grow ever since. We are part of the New England Region of the USCJ and of the national USY organization. HaNer encompasses chapters from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. HaNer includes a Gesher program for 4th and 5th graders, Junior USY for 6th through 8th graders, and Senior USY for 9th through 12th graders. HaNer offers teens the opportunity to immerse themselves in various Jewish and social activities while forming friendships that will last a lifetime. Regional events include: Conventions Dances Leadership Training Grade Activities & many more fun events and trips! At HaNer events, teens will surely be caught up in the ruach (spirit) as they meet new friends from all over New England.
  • What is USY?
    USY is USCJ’s youth movement for Conservative Jewish teens across North America. For more than 60 years, USY has taught young Jews the values and skills they need to become exceptional leaders in their religious and secular communities. USY is truly a second home – a safe, fun space where teens can be themselves and discover their potential. In USY, teens: Enjoy a much needed break from the social and academic pressures of high school Socialize with other teens from across North America and form forever friendships Develop and express their personal and spiritual identities as they become lifelong learners Gain confidence and leadership skills Experience the joy of an authentic and dynamic Judaism Repair the world through volunteering, advocacy and giving to communities locally and globally Explore the world and discover diverse cultures through immersive travel
  • How do I get involved in HaNer?
    Getting involved is simple! First, you can email HaNer Regional Engagement Associate Jason Kay to see where your closest chapter is, or get information about upcoming events! Jason's email is . High schoolers may also apply to join the Regional General Board (RGB) of HaNer USY to work closely with the Regional Executive Board (REB) and learn how to plan USY events! Applications for RGB will be accepted on a rolling basis. Click here to apply for RGB! You can learn more about the different boards in the next section!
  • What regional leadership opportunities are there?
    Regional Executive Board (REB) A board comprised of high school students elected at the end of each year to lead the HaNer region during the upcoming USY year. This board meets weekly and runs events throughout the region. These events range from day trips to weekend-long conventions to educational seminars on topics such as Israel, Judaism, and combatting antisemitism! Positions: President Religion/Education Vice President Israel Affairs Vice President Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice President Outreach Vice President Communications Vice President Regional General Board (RGB) This board is chosen by the Regional Executive Board each year based on applications on a rolling basis. Teens on RGB assist REB members with their work running the region. RGB members attend some REB meetings and any other meetings the REB member they work under calls! RGB is a great way to get a taste of what being a regional executive officer is like, without having any major responsibilities! RGB is also a great way to meet USYers and learn how to be a great Jewish leader!
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